Hi, I'm Davide.
I bring years of photography experience to the table, specializing primarily in beauty and fashion photography, but my portfolio also includes stunning portraits, headshots, weddings, and captivating event coverage.
My photography journey has granted me an in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of light and its role in shaping mesmerizing images. Posing my models to capture their best angles is a craft I've honed over time.
Beyond capturing extraordinary moments, I'm passionate about nurturing the next generation of photographers. I enjoy sharing my expertise and teaching the art and techniques of photography to budding enthusiasts.
For my creative endeavors, I rely on top-notch equipment, favoring my mirrorless camera and the latest-generation gear, such as the Canon R6 and RF lenses, to ensure I deliver exceptional results.
Your peace of mind matters to me, which is why I'm fully vaccinated and equipped with all the necessary professional insurance.
Don't hesitate to reach out; let's discuss how I can bring your vision to life through my lens.
Instagram @sansone.photography

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